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Satellite Venue : Kobe, Japan Program

05  Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2006 in Taiwan” will be held in Kaohsung, Taiwan on January 7.  Students around the world gathered in this event to consider the measures against natural disasters.  At JICA Hyogo in Kobe, Japan, some SHS students will join   in the meeting and introduce their activities through Video Conferencing connecting Kobe and Taiwan.



Title         2006 Natural Disaster Youth Summit  in Taiwan

Theme    "Global Vision Future Hope for NDYS"       

 Date    9:0013:00 Jan 7 (Sat ) , 2006  

 Place    JICA Hyogo, Kobe

 Host   Committee of the NDYS 2006  


OpeningJapan) Opening Ceremony (Japan only)

Chairman greeting: Maki Adachi and Emi Nakaguchi  (the Kobe municipal Fukiai high school international course 3rd grade)


JICA seminar

1) Hitoshi Yokogawa: it is international cooperative mechanism (JICA) the international urgent help party executive office operation team

2) Masao Tomioka: Doctor,  Hyogo prefecture disaster medical center (the Kobe red cruciform hospital) emergency section

Question and answer


TheTaiwan dance appreciation (in Taiwan 9: 45~10: 00)


“Prevention of Natural Disaster Youth Summi 2006 in Taiwan” 

Opening ceremony

Theme: Global Vision Future Hope

1) The opening of meeting declaration

2) Guest greeting

3) The message announcement of deputy governor prefecture Saito Hyogo

4) Introduction of participation school

5) Introduction of conference authorized personnel (the Taiwan side)


Presentation 1

1) The Kobe municipal Fukiai high school international course 2nd grade

2) The Taiwan school (Kaohsiunghigh school)

3) The Malaysian school

4) The Iranian school

5) Discussion


Rest &preparation


Tsunami workshop 

Hidekazu Nakao (commodity) the Asian welfare education foundation refugee business headquarters Kansai branch


Introduction of the Hyogo prefectural Awazi high school of 1 .17 prevention of disasters future prize  winning it reports


Presentation 2

1) The Taiwan high school Taiwanese High School

2) Armenia (video conference)

3) Taiwan Fenghsin Senior High School

4) Hyogo prefectural Maiko high school Maiko SHS

5) Discussion


Rest & preparation


Japanese Song ( Brings Happiness )Singing through Video Conferencing connecting Kobe and Taiwan.


NDYS bear small prevention of disasters ambassador” practice report

Gathering on NDYS prevention of disasters ambassador platform!


NDYS Declaration of all the youth participants  
through Video Conferencing connecting Kobe and Taiwan.


 Closing ceremony

1) Guest greeting 

2) International Students Closing Remarks


Participation object Elementary school, Junior school and high school students, foreign students and university students, generality
Participation expense No charge

*Supported by Hyogo International Association, Japan



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