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We host "NDYS2018" in July
 , 2018 in Niigata city again.

【Niigata city channel】










July 20 2017


Day 4: Plenary sessions &workshops

"Diversity is Happiness session at the Youth Summit."

July 19 2017


Day 3: One day tour Marrakech and Essaouira

Meet the tree-climbing goats of Morocco 
Goats have eaten the argan fruits they spit out the nuts later in the day. This helps the seeds spread to other locations where a new plant can grow. So the climbing skills of these goats in Morocco help the plants  and the local people.


July 18 2017


Day 2: Plenary sessions &workshops

Plenary session1:One strategy of helping to achieve sustainable Development Goals to Global Education. (Pr.Edward. H. Gragert and Pr. Adriana Viela.)


July 17 2017


2017 iEARN Youth Summit in Marrakech, Morocco has started!

We are proud to be among 220 teachers and 120 students from 40 countries and regions.

"We are here to learn with the world ,not just about it"
 iEARN International Conference and Youth Summit.

Cultural night: Educators and students wearing traditional dress from their countries 


July 10 2017


Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2017 in Morocco 
& iEARN Taisho Koto Project, Kotolympic

Climate Change and “Disaster Risk Reduction , Mitigation, and Reconstruction" in our town 

Take action on UN Sustainable Development Goals !


Time: Day Five    Friday, July 21, 2017    09:45--11:45  JST-8
(2017 iEARN Youth Summit in Morocco  July 17-22)


Venue : Mogador Palace Agdal Hotel                                        Coliseum: Conference room


July 9 2017 We have launched the "NDYS2017 in Morocco" website.
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