The message for Iranian teachers(*)
by Hiroshige Kihara (Fukuoka, Japan)
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Do you think it is meaningless to send a message to people who live in a distant country and who have a different language and culture? Please take a moment to think about how your message could help ease the sorrow of children who lost their families in the recent earthquake in Iran.

Recently, a message written to Iranian teachers by a JEARN member appeared in an Iranian newspaper. The letter offered advice about the psychological care of children based on the writer's own experience after the Great Hanshin Earthquake in Japan nine years ago. This message will be helpful for Iranian teachers in the future.

Love for children is universal. Through the Internet , JEARN provides the opportunity to share information and personal stories that can help Iranian children cope with what has happened to them and their families. Please feel that the world is close to you by sending a message across borders and giving them the courage to overcome the hardship they face.

The message for Iranian teachers(1)
The message for  Iranian teachers(2)
The message for  Iranian teachers(3)

(*)The messages sent to Iran have been separated into three sections.This is the first section.

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