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Certificate of NDYS2010

NDYS Certificate is conferred to the children who expand "the wheel of prevention of disasters" to the world. iEARN- the American representation, the UNESCO-Paris prevention of disasters section department manager, prevention of disasters worldwide child meeting (NDYS) it is the sign entering of execution chairman. 

As for the mission of NDYS project, as the person in the life who is limited, valuing of life it is always to search what method of living which has meaning by thinking. Even under balance circumstance, becoming the standing place of thing and the partner whom the person cooperates the thing which it learns thinking through... prevention of disasters education, in the future concerning some kind of occupation being something which can be utilized, it does. 

Everyone, not only his own thing and his own country, it stands in global range of vision and if in the future it can participate as the leader which you can act actively, it is most delightful, is. It is the intention of sowing the kind for that.


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