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TOP > iEARN Project "Natural Disaster Youth Summit NDYS" Updated: May 17, 2017    

Students announced the NDYS2016 Declaration at the Kotolympic, Niigata City
on August 7, 2016.



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Students and Teachers Gather for the Natural Disaster Youth Summit and Kotolympic, iEARN Taisho Koto Project in Niigata, Japan   
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Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2016 in Niigata

Climate Change and “Disaster Reduction , Mitigation, and Reconstruction" in our town

    ~Abnormal weather : Solve the problem by global collaboration!~

NDYS2016 Declararion
100 Participants from 10 Countries and Regions
Islamic Republic of Iran, India, Republic of Indonesia,
People's Republic of China, Republic of Colombia
Commonwealth of Australia, Republic of Turkey
The United States of America, Taiwan , Japan
*The hand book of NDYS2016 in Niigata
Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2016 in Niigata had a successful gathering !  Thank you for your cooperation.

Students and teachers from more than 10 countries and regions united together in Niigata to present their studies on Natural Disasters. 961 taisho koto lovers and audience members from Japan participated in the event as well.

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Wednesday 3 –Monday 8  August 2016


NPO JEARN   Natural Disaster Youth Summit Committee
Venue NSG College League Gakusei sogo Plaza STEP
Niigata cty Geijutu Bunka Kaikan Ryutoia Concert Hall
iEARN Projects Align to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
NDYS & UN Sustainable development Goals
iEARN projects connect youth to change the world! See how iEARN projects align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to improve the quality of life on the planet.

iEARN Workshop Tokyo2016 

〜Global Active learning


Learning for the 21st Century
Date: March 29, 2016
Venue: National Institute for Education Policy and Research, Japan
Host: NPO JEARN (iEARN-Japan)


  Global  Collaboration

  NDYS Program

  Slogan: ”Communication saves lives! "

Let's create global disaster safety map!

  Empowering Youth
  NDYS2016 E-Report


Disaster Safety maps
  3-8 August Summary
・NDYS2016 Declaration


Click here to download 
NDYS2016 E-Report"




    Exhibition: NDYS2016 in NIIGATA         


 in Action!                

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At the conference venue of NDYS2010 in Turkiye,
We corrected the donation for Pakistan

We will soon announce the amount of donation from participants of NDYS2010.
We are also welcome your donation to Pakistan.
iEARN Students in the Natural Disaster Youth Summit project help build kitchens in schools in Haiti.
iEARN students in the UK and Japan have teamed up with an organization called FATEM in Haiti to help build and staff kitchens in local schools. 2010.8.24
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The NDYS members in Trinidad and Tobago have also created an account for donations. 



They will work with UNICEF focus on health and trauma issues in assisting Haitians recover from this tragedy by creating a trauma center. 2010.4.26
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Building for the Global Disaster Reduction Education Network











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