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Learn how to save lives and reduce disaster impacts   

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Tools for Collaborative Learning
iEARN Collaboration Centre
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iEARN Collaboration Centre


What is a iEARN Collaboration Centre? 

The iEARN Collaboration Centre enables youth to learn with, rather than simply about, the world. Find project partners quickly. Read 200+ project descriptions and browse student-produced media.


Collaboration Centre


What is  Forums?

This communication is among three groups.
The three groups above communicate primarily via WWW-based "forums." Each of the three groups has a separate forum:


1.NDYS-Students:  http://foro.iearn.org/.1e0a0c3b/.  

2.NDYS-Teachers:   http://foro.iearn.org/.1e12f68a/

This forum is mainly for teachers to discuss how we proceed our project.

So if you want to share the information with all of the members including teachers and students message should be sent to <iearn-ndys@muse.iearn.org>.

This e-mail address is linked with students forum.

3.NDYS Global Committee:   http://foro.iearn.org/.1e2aeb40/




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