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KOBE Newspapers                           Jan.8, 2006

Kobe and Taiwan are relayed with Internet SHS students discussed the Natural Disasters
Each student shared the experience of disasters

gNatural Disaster Youth Summit 2006 in Taiwanh was held on January 7, which is the event that students around the world talked about the Natural Disasters through Video Conferencing connecting Kobe and Taiwan.  About 100 students gathered in JICA Hyogo, the meeting place in Kobe, to teach lessons of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake through VC.

This event has been sponsored by JEARN Committee of the NDYS, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan.  Last year the first NDYS was held in Awaji, Kobe and about 60 students from 12 countries gathered in Hyogo Prefecture.  This year the summit was transferred to Kaohsung, Taiwan and connected to Kobe with internet.

  In Taiwan, besides from Iran, Malaysia and Korea, about 20 students from Hyogo prefectural Maiko high school joined in the summit; meanwhile, in Kobe, Hyogo prefectural Awazi high school and Kobe municipal Fukiai high school students participated in the meeting.

The scenes of the respective meeting places were projected on the large-sized screen and everything was being conducted in English.  The students shared their experiences or lessons of Natural Disasters.  In Kobe, FUKIAI SHS students introduced the Global Disaster Safety Map after explaining the case in the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.  They expressed their own feelings, gTo help each other in the neighborhood everyday works better in a time of disasterh,

   In the middle of the meeting, there was a happening that interrupted the voice communication.  Despite that, Maki Adachi (18) and Eimi Nakaguchi (18), FUKIAI SHS third year students, who hosted the discussion said, gAs ICT has evolved, the world can become one.  Through high technology like this, sharing the lessons of past natural disasters each country got is much more useful for disaster management.h


                                                         Translated by Rieko Adachi (JEARN)


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