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Origin of the Logo  

Illustrated  by Ms Yicheng Hsiah

English translated by Doris Tsueyling Wu and Faye Wu

1.  The logo expresses the idea of “Global Vision Future Hope.EThis logo suggests the key feature of NDYS 2006, where cross-school, cross-county, and cross-country models are highly emphasized.   
2. This logo is characterized by its central object, symbolizing both the pupil of eyes and the globe of our mother earth.
3 It implies that through both internet communication and face-to-face meeting, all the NDYS participants can interact and exchange their opinions and findings on natural disaster prevention measures.   
4. The black central figure stands firmly with the arms and legs wide open, indicating that he/she is ready to welcome the world, all the international participants to join this meaningful activity hand in hand.   

Color Implication

 1).      Red: “attention,E “danger,Eand “disaster.Eo:p>

 2).      Yellow:  “warning,E“engery,E“motion,E “open-mindednessEo:p>

 3).   Blue:  “future,E“speed,E“technology,E“sensibility.E/font>



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