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Learn how to save lives and reduce disaster impacts   

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July-  2005
Nov. 22, 2005   The logo of NDYS2006 in Taiwan expresses the idea of “Global Vision Future Hope"

Origin of the Logo  

Illustrated  by Ms Yicheng Hsiah

English translated by Doris Tsueyling Wu and Faye Wu



Nov. 5, 2005   Pakistan Earthquake: Is there anything meaningful that we can do in iEARN?

     "Swimmy "  I'll be the eye! 

     Asahi ES News(Japanese)



Oct 19, 2005 We are now having multilingual website ! 



Logo design by Miss Mariam Mokhtari, Iran.

NDYS2005in Hyogo "Think about the importance of human life! " was successfully closed. She is one of the participants in this conference.

Sept 21, 2005  NDYS Tree Planting Day , 21st of September 2005



We thought about the people who suffered from many natural disasters recent years and wished peace.
We wish many people plant trees and work for reforestation for our future generation.

Please visit our tree planting activity.  

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Sept 12, 2005  NDYS Tree Planting Event collaboration with ENO.

Let's plant trees on Sep 21th for the Taiwanese Earthquake and International Peace Day!


This event will be twice important for us  to be independent and in peace.

Now We need to know how many schools or individuals can plant trees on 21 of September.Hope to hear from you.. We will share detailed information and pictures of the event with you.

Tree Planting  ENONDYS



Sept 1, 2005     NDYS 2006 officially starts today!  1st of September 2005. 


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     Video Conference

Aug 8, 2005    About  the Certificate of NDYS Ambassador

Abe, a boy from Trindad and Tobago, asked us how to be a NDYS ambassador.
We are so pleased to hear his idea and would like to offer not only him but also NDYS2005 participants students and others a certicifate of NDYS Ambassador.
Will you put your students' name and number on the proto type certificate and print them out. Thank you in advance.

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July 17-23, 2005    iEARN World Conference 2005 in Senegal
iEARN World Conference 2005 in Senegal 
Congratulations to 12th Annual iEARN World Conference, July 17-23 in Dakar, Senegal!!

    ●NDYS Workshop I   July 19
    We introduce what we did in NDYS 2005 and what we will do in NDYS 2006. 

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    ●NDYS Workshop 2  July 19

Dr. Satoru Fujitani is the first presenter, and Ms.Naya is  the second. Ms. Doris Wu will be the third, Kazuko and Motoko also join.
We will connect Conference site and Japan and Taiwan.
 Dakar, SENEGAL.         

  Video Conference


Aug 3, 2005  NDYS 2005 in Hyogo Declaration 

 “Try to feel, try to learn, try to share”


July 22, 2005  NDYS2005 Final Report CD were completed finally!

Look at the following.


NDYS2005  Video clipses





July 10, 2005      Let's create 'Global Disaster Safety Map' 

NDYS2006 project has been running 
1, 2005

NDYS2006 proposal


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