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July  - December, 2006
2006/12/1  NDYS is now open French website

Secondary school Martin Luther King 

Here is French website.

This site is created by collaboration of Salimata, Senegal and Kazuko, Japan.
Salimata translated the English site into French and Kazuko made it as website!

Technology made this collaboration possible.
Hope you will enjoy French webpage!

NDYS project is a multi-lingual project.
You will find more language in the top page of NDYS.

With NDYS members devotion, NDYS project continues.


2006/11/29   Entry to Safety Map Contest as NDYS global group!


Yanagi Elementary School , Aichi, Japan
See the Activity

'Sonpo'( General Insurance Association of Japan) is now contesting the safety maps made by elementary school pupils. We can make an entry as NDYS global group.

 If Elementary school members of NDYS send their safety map, Motoko Hirota(Yanagi Elementary School  Techer) will take care of them and make an entry to the contest.
The dead line is 24th of November Japan time.

We can accept the map created last year, too. High school can also participate in this contest, if high school students draw a map with elementary school pupils.

Please send your name and school address to join in this contest to  NDYS office. 
We are waiting more  photos of Safety Map to come.
No later than this day! to join in the map contest.

Waiting more photos to come!

How to make a Global Disaster Safety Map



2006/10/17   We had a V/C today. We connected 5 points.

They are Nagoya, Kobe, Kato city, Japan,  Moscow, Russia,  Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
National 1129 School students showed and explained their Disaster Safety Maps. They are beautiful.Students of Yanagi Elementary school asked questions and showed their Disaster Safety Map which they are creating now.

Third Video Conference of NDYS2007 Report


2006/10/12   11 October was the INTERNATI0NAL DAY FOR DISASTERS REDUCTION!

Our ultimate goal is to create a safer place to live in for everyone in this planet. Theme for Video Conferece on this day  is 'Let's create Natural Disaster Safety Map together' by cerebrating the UN Disaster Reduction Day

1129 school in Moscow of NDYS showed the newest safety disaster map

Second Video Conference of NDYS2007 Report


2006/10/8   Tree Planting collaboration with ENO on 21 of September 2006

El Dorado Comprehensive Secondary,
Trinidad and Tobago

ENO   >

For Peace and lives lost to Natural Disaster

Trinidad and Tobago




2006/10/06  Newest Translator

We got support from National Institute of Information & Communications Technology.
They offer us multiple lingual translator 'Language Grid'.

As for the first try, they offer us  translation between Japanese and English,and French and English.
Later on, we can get more language translation, such as Russian, Chinese.
Actually you can try Chinese and Korean, too.

Partners >National Institute of Information & Communications Technology (NICT) 'Language Grid'



2006/10/02  Two students from Yanagi Elementary school made a presentation at the plenary session of IDRC Davos, 2006. 

    Presentation by Motoko Hirota (JEARN)  



2006/09/16   Report
Two students from Yanagi Elementary school made a presentation at the plenary session of IDRC (INTERNATIONAL DISASTER REDUCTION CONFERENCE) oh Aug.28, 2006.

We really learned a lot at the conference. We got many supporting warm comments from various people. I really appreciate your consideration for us.

Dr.Badaoui Rouhban of the Paris UNESCO prevention of disasters section, introduce us as a little surprise for audience, since there is no presentation done by children but us. The presentation was a great success. We are really happy to let you know our success.



Photos of NDYS Presentation  are published.


2006/09/26   First NDYS2007  Video Conference ended in success.

National No.1129 School in Moscow, Russia

It was 17:30 to 19:00 in Japan time
Here are the photos of Ryogen SHS 's students with Russian students and Mr. Tai from Taiwan.
Kazuko, Kobe office and Motoko-san ,Yanagi EL, also joined in the conference.
Dear all, Let's talk next time.
I appreciate your effort although we could not talk today.

Theme for the today's Video Conferece is 'Let's create Kid's Disaster Safety Bag together'.

 Video Conference Report



2006/09/16  Supporting Intercultural Collaboration on iEARN-NDYS Forum

In NDYS, it starts making the Global Disaster Safety Map (GDSM) with cooperation of the school ,Japan, Russia, Taiwan, Armenia and  Iran , Trinidad and Tobago, Senegal ,so on. The Participants in NDYS communicate via iEARN-Forum. But the participants hesitate because they not speak English as native language.

To Support Intercultural Collaboration,  NDYS recommends the development of different culture Collaboration with  the new partner, Language Grid Project.

.NICT (Organization of National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)    
> Language Grid Project


2006/09/12  NDYS Global website updated! 

We are having multilingual website ! 



2006/09/1  NDYS 2007 officially starts today!  1st of September 2006.

Since the schools start in different time in different country,
I would like to make a discussion group by 'first comes, first served' system.

NDYS2007 Proposal

    About NDYS (pdf/1,302KB


2006/08/3    iEARN-Asia Conference2006 was a great success!

            We really enjoyed the conference.


iEARN- Asia Conference 2006

2006/07/25    Introduce NDYS School Report 

This is the report I handed in to Micro-soft.
Later on Yoshie Naya (Hyogo Prefectural Kawanishi Takarazuka Ryogen SHS) made a presentation and won the winner prize at the 2nd Innovative Teachers' Conference in Seoul.

We hope this report will be a good sample for you when you write the report for your own practice at your school.

My 1.17 (“NDYS2005t” project to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake) (PDF418KB)


2006/07/07   Visiting the Paris UNESCO headquarters





The return route of iEARN Conference, the NDYS Japanese team visited the Paris UNESCO headquarters. The time furthermore it does and with meeting again with the Milky Way of one time, dream wants in Star Festival day and year it received word.

The UNESCO sponsorship IDRC (International Disaster Reduction Conference) invites the children of NDYS to Davos 2006, as the United Nations ambassador.

Outside the window, the Paris symbol, the Eiffel tower had fused beautifully in the scenery.

As for details, please read the page of participating of the child prevention of disasters ambassador.

Related news  May 17th
The UNESCO sponsorship IDRC which is held with Dabos,Swiss (International Disaster Reduction Conference) video, the data and the NDYS2006 report which introduce NDYS to Davos 2006, through Dr.Badaoui Rouhban of the Paris UNESCO prevention of disasters section main thing of the NDYS advisor (global disaster safe map other things) is displayed from August 27th to September 1st. In addition the promotion for next time NDYS is done, participation of the school of the world is called.

The united nations prevention of disasters world conference 2005 (Kobe) at meeting place

Center, Dr.Badaoui Rouhban

UNESCO United Nations Educational and Scientific and Cultural Organization

<10 years of education for the United Nations continuance possible development>

In order to keep materializing continuance possible development at all levels, when the person it makes, especially, education is important, it submitted the resolution regarding the General Assembly 2002 “10 years of education”, from viewpoint by the Japanese proposition, was adopted in all the meeting agreements. When building the society which does not turn burden to the next generation, it is something which stands in method of thinking all people of the world probably learning necessary sense of value and life style. In addition, in order to keep advancing “continuance possible development”, while standing in the recognition that the international organization and each country government, NGO, peace and the recognition letter, it is necessary to keep developing the enlightenment activity to the citizen widely with wide theme such as environment, development and gender, assuring the cooperation which is during all organizing of the group and enterprise etc, they are 10 years which promote education enlightenment activity.

2006/7/2   Introduce  NDYS Leaflet 



Leaflet (PDF/1,302KB)



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