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NDYS2007   Video Conference on 14th of Feb. 2007

HAPPY VALENTINE's Lots of Love !

Theme for the today's Video Conference is 'Let's create Natural Disaster Safety Map together'

We connected Russia , Iran, USA,Trinidad・Tobago and Japan


            Fun: Make Friendship (Japan time)
 February, 14, 21:58

Lastnight was great, so many countries, and the students I tried to get sound like we did on the last occassion, but failed, however would you believe everything we said was recorded by the webcam in the movie slot, we will try to see where we went wrong, the software from the webcam had everything, but ..... keep trying

love to all

abe, Trinidad

February, 14, 16:05, 2007

We enjoyed  attending in VC room today.
We had difficulties for connection because it was the first attention of Kherad school in VC room.
Thanks for on time help for technical problems.
Thanks to Rose from Kobe for her warm participating.
Thanks to Russian students for sharing their experiences.
Fakhte and me and our students in NDYS club are so eager to attend in Next meeting on 4th of March, 2007.I suggest we talk about our safety map and what we have done .Regards
 Maliheh, Iran


I am extremly happy to know that you all have a great VC meeting. Excited to learn that Trinidad was able to be in the VC. Sorry that I was not in.
However, I hope to be in the next one. COngratulations and keep up the great work.

Andy, Trinidad


I just had a great time with the NDYS students and teachers in the vc room. Thank you students in Russia and Iran for your wonderful smiles and  laughter and for sharing what you are doing at your schools. I hope that next time you and my students can see meet, have fun, and learn from one another!

Thank you, Yoshie sensei, for making it happen! -Rose ,Kobe

February, 14,13:44, 2007

Hi, NDYS Friends,

The VC on 14th of February has just finished in great success.
Nunik of Armenia joined from USA.
So we connected Kobe, Kato city, Moscow, Tehran, Durham, Port of Spain.
Wow, 6 points from 5 countries!
The voices are clear and it is so enjoyable.

I thank Abe from Trinidad,
because it is mid night there.

The discussion among Russian students
and Iranian students were great!

We would like to continue the VC meeting.

Next meeting is on 4th of March, 2007.
Time is almost same as today but we have only one hour.




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