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What is NDYS?

The Natural Disaster Youth Summit (NDYS) is a year round project in which K12 students collaborate and learn how to save their lives and reduce disaster impacts utilizing Information and communication technologies.


The annual face-to-face Natural Disaster Youth Summit was first held in Hyogo  in 2005 commemorating 10th anniversary of great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake, Japan and it is continued. 

The past face-to-face meeting were Kaohsung, Taiwan 2006, Aichi, Japan 2007, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago 2008, Kaohsung, Taiwan 2009, Bursa, Turkey 2010, Kaohsung, Taiwan 2011.


Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2005 in Hyogo 
in Japan on 25-28th of March.

Communication saves lives! 
What we can do"

What we do?

We hope, the conference provides an opportunity to extend the network of international communication  or dialogue on Natural Disaster Education and  Risk Management Education arising from The Hyogo Framework for Action 2005 – 2015. Building the Resilience of Nations and Communities to Disasters. This initiative called on civil society organizations, schools, volunteer groups, private sector all stakeholders to ensure that disasters risk reduction is a national and local priority.

 the Need of NDYS



 Click here to see the video of NDYS Introduction.
Communication saves lives! 



Build the safer place to live in for everyone in this planet


To achieve this goal, we plan two programs.  

NDYS program

Main program 

 Global Disaster Safety Map (GDSM)” program 

Let's create global disaster safety map! 

Students will create the Disaster Safety Map of their schools surrounding areas. If connect them all up, we have a global, disaster safety map that bring the whole world together.

More Information  →    GDSM program and Past disaster safety maps


The first Disaster Safety Map Exhibition at Kaohsiung city in Taiwan  (NDYS2006 in Taiwan)


Disaster Safety Map Exhibition 2007 at Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution in Kobe, Japan

 Disaster Safety Map Exhibition 2007 (NDYS2007in Aichi Japan)




Subsidiary program

"NDYS Teddy Bear Exchange and Kid’s Safety Bag" program
Let's make a Kid’s Safety Bag!
Each school will have a NDYS  Little Ambassador and send it to a partner school.

NDYS Little Ambassador will be identify as international student. A school which is sent it send note which diary is written, materials which can useful to understand culture or disaster with it. School which sends it at first can be taught culture in other countries by Little Ambassador.  

The set of these activities will be done with some partner schools and students can understand culture in other countries and know enjoyment of international exchange program.


 "NDYS Teddy Bear Exchange and Kid’s Safety Bag" program


National Fenghsin Senior High School,Taiwan

Ershad Pictures high school, Iran

The reports and the results of their activities

<Video Conferencing>

2007-2015 NDYS Forum

This forum is organized by NDYS Committee and it is the place for the students in all over the world to introduce their works of Disaster Reduction through Video-Conferencing  at Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institute, KOBE


NDYS-KOBE Forum 2011

NDYS-KOBE Forum 2010

NDYS-KOBE Forum 2009

NDYS-KOBE Forum 2008

NDYS-KOBE Forum 2007


< The annual face-to-face Meeting>

It is hoped that NDYS Project can be concluded by gathering together representatives of the participating youth who would report the results of team discussions and then all together compile and adopt the NDYS Declaration

The annual face-to-face Meeting

Building a Global Disaster Reduction Education Network 

This project will directly contribute to the quality of lives of anyone who live on this planet by sharing the information of how to reduce with unexpected disasters and building Global Disaster Reduction Education Network utilizing ICTInformation and Communication Technology.

By sharing those knowledge and information, we can prepare against future disasters and take actions.  
Let us keep continuous efforts and transfer the efforts to the next generation. 

The goal of the NDYS Project was to use the lessons learned from the Natural Disasters  and develop a worldwide network of the disaster prevention, recovery, and relief education.

NDYS will build a global disaster Reduction network utilizing Information and Communications Technology (ICT). 

Communication saves lives! 


NDYS & UN Sustainable development Goals

The “Natural Disaster Youth Summit” started the activities to solve the problems of "sustainable development goals (SDGs)" target 11 & 13, which the United Nations newly targets to solve toward 2030. As a solution to the SDGs, it is broadly expected to improve the public awareness and enlightenment about the importance and necessity of international cooperation of disaster reduction education from a global perspective.

 UN Sustainable Development Goals

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