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Collaborative Learning

NDYS2010 theme:    Disaster Reduction and Climate Change                                                                  

Slogan:   Communication saves lives!

Video Conferencing

Let’s meet at  http://hera.hyogo-c.ed.jp/adhoctool/entrance.cgi  

Report 1:                                                         

On 16th of July, there were are two sessions for NDYS in iEARN Canada Conference.

We were able to join this session through the video conference. I really appreciate Ms.Doris and other NDYS members who are working  for the sessions.

On 14th of July, Kobe Fukiai High School 11 students joined 2010 iEARN Canada Conference through VC.

Please look at our NDYS-Kobe blog.           



Taiwanese students showed us some photos and explained about it. We showed our safety map and explained about it. We had a good time.

Thanks for Ms Cindy and all participants in iEARN-Canada Conference.


On 25th of June, We had VC for NDYS 2010 Turkiye participants schools.

We are going to write our blog from today and we want you to know more about our team. We will report about 2010NDYS Turkiye too on live.

We connected 13 points including from Turkiye, 5 points from Taiwan ,  3 points of Indonesia , one point from Macedonia and Pakistan , 2 points from Japan .     

On 15th of May, NDYS2010 VC ended in success.

We greeted  each other and NDYS-Kobe  students from Japan introduced their project.  


We connected 9 points including Japan. 4 points from Taiwan, 2 points from Indonesia, one points from Iran and Pakistan. 




Dear All,
The SECOND draft of Program NDYS 2010 WITH ISTANBUL POS SUMMIT TOUR is attached and pasted below. 
Thanks to Achille KOUGBENYA. We add the program "Country Show SESSION" during picnic at City Forest on Wednesday afternoon. We will have fun in the forest while we are practising the other country show or we will just watch the others. Do you agree with me?
I would like to ask you again: Please send your suggestion about the program. We need especially time checking.
 "Speak now or forever hold your peace"
Nimet Atabek








Video Conferencing Report 2:

On 23rd of March,  2010 NDYS Türkiye  was introduced to the citizens at the 2.nd Bursa     Water Symposium, Turkiye.

We had the video conference with the NDYS partner schools to say some messages  for the water day online.  

"2010 NDYS Türkiye" web page:


We connected Ukraine , Macedonia , Russia ,   Taiwan 3 points, Japan 2 points and  Turkiye 2 points.  So total is 10 points.   


On 19th of Feb, with Taiwan students.The   students in FHSH ,Taiwan had an  presentation   for disaster risk education and we shared the  Disaster Safety Map of their school’s surrounding areas.

We connected Turkiye, Azerbaijan, Iran, Taiwan 3 points, and Japan 3points. So total is 9 points



“NDYS Forum 2010"

2010 is the 15th commemorative year of Great KOBE Earthquake  in 1995, Japan. 

On 24th of January, 2010, "NDYS Forum 2010" was held through  Video-Conference connecting KOBE Earthquake.

*Supported by Hyogo Earthquake Memorial 21st Century Research Institute and The  Hyogo Prefectural people meeting under the theme "January 17 shall never be forgotten."





 2010 NDYS Schools 




Communication saves lives!