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NDYS2007   Video Conference on 6 th of November, 2006

Theme for the today's Video Conference is 'Let's create Natural Disaster Safety Map together'

We connected Taiwan and Japan

National Fenghsin Senior High School

Hyogo Prefectural Kawanishi Takarazuka Ryogen SHS, Hyogo, Japan

National Fenghsin Senior High School, 
Takao, Taiwan

            Fun: Make Friendship 
The time for the V/C is changed due to the class schedule.
I will be in the V/C from 5:30 pm Japan time, and 4:30pm Taiwan time.
but my students can join from 6:20 to 7:10pm.
It is from 5:20 to 6:10pm in Taiwan.
I am sorry for the change.Yoshie

This is all about our VC photos. I'm very sorry I still can't figure out how to control the webcam. I don't know how to focus it. If you know how to solve it, plaease tell me. I appreciate your kind assistance. When my students saw Doris on line, they all screamed. They are so happy to meet old friend. What a pity! We couldn't be connected this time. We hope all we can meet on line again in the near future.

Best regards


I am student from FHSH named Chridy Huang.
Today I expected to talk with you all, but something got wrong...
What a pity! Hope we can talk next time soon !!

Happy to see you on the screen.
But we could not talk today.
Let's try again! Yoshie



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