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 NDYS2007 Video- Conferencing  

Children Make a Difference in the World

Communication saves lives! ”

Declaration of NDYS2007

Global Disaster Safety Map 2007

Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2007 in Aichi  was a big success!   

Thank you for your cooperation.

Third gathering of NDYS 2007 was held in Aichi, Japan  from 3rd to 5th of May 2007. There were 350 students and teachers get together from 9 countries and regions. They were  67 participants  from Indonesia, Iran,  Nepal, Russia,  Slovakia, Taiwan, Turkey, USA and Japan.

The theme of NDYS2007 was "Natural Disasters and Environment ,  What we can do as YOUTH to create the disaster reduced society".

In preparation for the conference, school children of the region are now in the process of creating “Disaster Safety Map” using internet communication, through which they are to learn and to think over what they can do to alleviate the effects of unavoidable Natural Disasters if and when they occur.

 On NDYS2007 in Aichi, Each school exhibited its Disaster Safety Map on the Auditorium of Aichi prefecture Mihama boy natural house. Students made presentations and had discussions.

Participants:  on 5th of May , Mihama boy natural house, Aichi, Japan


First day    May 3rd (Thurs) 

Live Streaming at Mihama Conference site

Opening performance  

      The Nagoya women's college junior high school and high school 


Opening Message

 Video message  
from Mr. Salvano Briceno,  
irector, UN/ISDR

The message from Slovakian students




Students made presentations and had discussions

Coordinator , National No.1129 School in Moscow, Russia

Nagoya Municipal Yanagi Elementary School, Aichi, Japan

iEARN-Indonesia, Jakarta, 

Kherad School, Teheran,

Saba high school, Teheran,

McConnell Elementary School, TN, 

SOU-hutnicke, Šaca, Košice, 

Nobel Academy H.S., Kathamndu, 

National Fenghsin Senior High School,
Kaohsiung , Taiwan

Kaohsiung Min~Chyun Elementary School,

National No.1129 School in Moscow

Tuncsiper Scools, Bursa, 


NDYS Introduction

   NDYS  promotion video :

Children Make a Difference in the World

Communication saves lives! ”


Video-Conferencing& Global Disaster Safety Map Exhibition


*Supported by the Commemorative Organization for the Japan World Exposition('70)


 By the NDYS committee



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