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  NDYS2007 Video- Conferencing

Children Make a Difference in the World

Communication saves lives! ”

Declaration of NDYS2007

Global Disaster Safety Map 2007

First day    May 3rd

Live Streaming at Mihama Conference site


We connected Turkey , Taiwan , Iran and Trinidad and Tobago which are going to be held for the next conference and had discussions.

from 3rd to 5th of May 

Global Disaster Safety Map Exhibition 2007

Global Disaster Safety Map connects the world!

             Global Disaster Safety Map 2007

This is  "The letter of NDYS".  It will be  the highest  memory  on  this conference.

 Kherad School and Saba high school, Teheran, IranIran

National No.1129 School in Moscow

Nobel Academy H.S., Kathamndu, 

SOU-hutnicke, Šaca, Košice, 

Kaohsiung Municipal Industrial  High School, Taiwan

iEARN-Indonesia, Jakarta, 

Kaohsiung Min~Chyun Elementary School,
TaiwanSOU-hutnicke, Šaca, Košice, 

Hyogo Prefectural Kawanishi Takarazuka Ryogen SHS and Nagoya Municipal Yanagi Elementary School, Aichi, Japan



We got many messages to NDYS from iEARN members.
Please visit the following site:


Wireless Network : NDYS kids press 


Language Grid 

A translation tool for multilingual text input into existing collaboration tools such as BBS or chat.
For example, a Japanese user can use Japanese when entering message in an English BBS. The message in Japanese will be translated into English using a pre-registered community dictionary.

Russian students used with JEARN Communicator : Internet corner


All members contributed to the success and fun of the conference. 
We're glad to  meet you all there. 
Hopefully we can do our project together later in the future.



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