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Thank you for coming to the Natural Disaster 
Youth Summit 2005

10thiEARN Conference Pre Event)

Peter Copen

Copen Family Fund. 

The Copen Family Fund launched iEARN with school-to-school links between the U.S. and former Soviet Union in 1988.  Its President Peter Copen provided the vision for iEARN and continues to support it with annual operating and special project grants.  He serves on the Board of iEARN-USA and on the iEARN International Assembly.


My Dear Fellow Human Beings and Friends of the iEARN Community:

 Thank you for coming to the Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2005.  It takes a special kind of person to do that.

 Sometimes it is more fun and exciting to investigate a question than to have someone give you the answers.  Why?  So that you can discover your own answers.  In this way your learning is yours, and it is alive and it is relevant.  Do you agree?

 Here are some questions to consider that might be fun and meaningful for you:

       Are we not friends and a community because we share a common belief?

       What is that belief?

       Is it not the belief that we want to help relieve suffering in the world of our fellow human beings and ourselves?  Are there other beliefs we share?

       Is it true that all of the major religions share a common theme of "doing unto others as you would have them do unto you"?

       Do religions try to make sense out of existence and give meaning to life?

       Does it make sense that helping others gives meaning to life?

       Do you think people want to help others even if they do not follow a certain religion?

       Will this summit help give meaning to your life?  How will that feel if you can really help another person who is in pain and suffering?

       How can iEARN help you make a bigger difference in the world?  What difference will that make to you in your life?

 I wish you a most fruitful conference.

 From your friend, Peter, who had a lot of fun founding iEARN because of investigating the following question:  "What needs to happen to empower young people and their teachers to really make a meaningful difference in the world."

Peter Copen
Februaly  2005

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