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To the Participants at the Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2015 in TOYOTA


Mr. Toshihiko Ota

Mayor of Toyota City




 Hello, everyone. I’m happy to invite you to this city.

 I’m Toshihiko Ota, mayor of Toyota City.

 To mark the opening of the Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2015 in Toyota, I would like to say a few words.

 Twenty years ago, today, the Great Hanshin/Awaji Earthquake occurred and claimed the precious lives of many people. In Toyota City, some big disasters had occurred, such as the heavy floods in 1972 and 2000. They caused extensive damage to the productive lives and properties of the citizens in Toyota City. And now, there is a possibility that other big earthquakes and floods might strike our region at any time, and we are worried about them.

 At this summit, junior high school students in Toyota City will play the main role. The participants will make presentations on the educational methods used in their respective countries to provide awareness on natural disasters and they’ll exchange opinions with each other.  Through those activities, we hope that the participants will play a leading role in disaster prevention in the future and be in charge of creating a society in which we can live in peace.

 We have set up the catchphrase: “Aiming for the standards of tomorrow, today”, and believe that thinking and acting toward the future with a wide focus is a major duty of ours. Of course, disaster prevention is no exception.

 Participants from all over the world have gathered here in Toyota City crossing great borders under the theme: “The standards of tomorrow, today. Disaster prevention is borderless.” gearing toward this event. They’ll also share their ideas and lessons to assist each other.  In addition to that, they will create and make a declaration reflecting the results of their discussions, in the hope that this declaration will truly represent the commitment of the Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2015 in Toyota City.

 I think that their declaration will answer the question of what disaster prevention should mean in “the standards of tomorrow, today.”

 Finally, I would like to extend my appreciation to the many people who have made great efforts in organizing this event and hope that the event will be even more successful for the people whom it may concern.

 Thank you for listening and good luck in your endeavors.

January 17, 2015


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