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NDYS Introduction video

Natural Disaster Youth Summit (NDYS)


"NDYS2020 in Yokkaichi"


"NDYS2015 in TOYOTA"


NDYS2015 Declaration 2min 46sec by iEARN-Taiwan



NDYS2011 in Taiwan”




”NDYS2010 in Turkiye ”

                  View the video  by Tuncsiper Schools , Bursa, Turkiye




NDYS2009 in Taiwan 

Fifth gathering of NDYS 2009 was  held in Kaohsiung city in Taiwan from March 14-15, 2009.

View the video

by Tuncsiper Schools , Bursa, Turkiye

This was created by Ms Cindy from the 2009 NDYS.

named "Climate Change Video with Original Song"

View the video

by iEARN-Taiwan




NDYS2008 in Trinidad & Tobago 

Forth gathering of NDYS 2008 was held at the Chaguaramas Hotel and Convention Center in Trinidad and Tobago from April  28 to 30, 2008.  

Entitle “10 Minuten” this video was created by participants of the Climate Change Conference from Trinidad & Tobago and Suriname.  

View the video

by  iEARN-Trinidad and Tobago

Climate Change Video

UNICEF interviewed Abe Fergusson to make a video on youth, climate change and natural disaster.  

View the video

by  iEARN-Trinidad and Tobago

Natural Disaster Preparedness Training SMA 1 Padang

View the video

by  iEARN-Indonesia



NDYS2007 in Aichi 

Third gathering of NDYS 2007 was held at Aichi prefecture Mihama boy natural house in Japan from May 3rd (Thurs) - 5th (Sat) , 2007

NDYS Ambassadors from Taiwan!

View the video

by iEARN-Taiwan



Global Disaster Safety Map Exhibition and Video Conferencing

Five countries,  Iran, Taiwan, Russia, and Trinidad and Tobago are connected to Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation in Kobe through the Internet, and the group of children representing each country had an oral presentation for disaster risk education.

View the video    


Cherry trees bloom! 

Commemorative Tree Planting of "Kawazu" cherry trees at "Haru Ichiban no Oka",with the hope for growing as the reminder of the Great Hanshin- Awaji Earthquake.

View the video







NDYS2006 in Taiwan

Second gathering of NDYS 2006 was held in Kaohsiung city in Taiwan from 6th to 8th of January 2006.There were more than 300 students and teachers get together from 6 countries.They are Taiwan, Malaysia, Iran, Trinidad and Tobago, Japan and special guest from Korea.

View the video

by iEARN-Taiwan

IDRC Davos 2006

Two students from Yanagi Elementary school made a presentation at the plenary session of IDRC (INTERNATIONAL DISASTER REDUCTION CONFERENCE) oh Aug.28, 2006.

View the video (6,314KB)  





NDYS 2005 in Hyogo

First gathering of NDYS 2005 was held in Hyogo Japan. There were more than 450 students and teachers get together from 12 countries. They are Argentina, Armenia, Egypt, Iran, Indonesia, Nepal, Russia, Senegal, Slovakia, Taiwan, USA and Japan. On the final day, They announced the summit declaration, which stresses the importance of "Try to feel, try to learn, try to share. We just the start of an exchange that will continue even after their return home

Video clips  

NDYS2005 Declaration NDYS2005declaraion.wmv (11,318KB)
25-28, Conference NDYS2005final.wmv (53,671KB)
28, Declaration day NDYS2005sengen.wmv (22,678KB)

  by JEARN


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