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   Winning against Disasters

Disaster Safety Map Exhibition

  and Video-Conferencing

 Global Disaster Safety Map Exhibition and VC in KOBE was a great success! Thank you truly. We really enjoyed the conference. We really appreciate everyone.

 About 23 Disaster Safety Maps created by children of Kobe and other countries who learn the lesson from Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and other disasters in the world were exhibited along with their photos introducing their activities. The Global Disaster Safety Map Exhibition and the Natural Disaster Youth Summit (NDYS), Global Internet Video Conference was held at Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institute (HAT Kobe) as a prelude of the conference in Aichi. 

Photo by Mr. Susumu Asanuma, Hyogo Journal

Theme:  What we can do as YOUTH to create the disaster reduced society

Date:     27th February to 18th March, 2007

Venue:    Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institute , Kobe, Japan

          Leaflet (PDF/280KB)


Video Conferencing

" NDYS 2007 in KOBE "


Date:  Sunday, 4th March, 13:3015:40

Venue:    Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institute

    Five countries and regions,  Iran, Taiwan, Russia, and Trinidad and Tobago are connected to Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation in Kobe through the Internet, and the group of children representing each country had an oral presentation for disaster risk education

       Opening Video       Cherry trees bloom (wmv /10MB)

   Master of Ceremony   Chairmanship advance: Students  

        Opening Remarks  Kazuko Okamoto    the Chairman of the NDYS committee

Message from ISDR (wmv/8,603KB)

 Mr. Salvano Briceno

Director, UN/ISDR

Special Speech

・/span>The Importance of Learning from Recent Disasters for Disaster Reduction and Disaster Reduction Education at School・/span>

Mr. Masahiko Murata

Recovery Expert, IRP Kobe

<Smong Song of SIMEULUE  Island, IDN, close to the EC>
Tsunami has destroyed almost the whole island. However, just claimed 8 casualties in this island out of 84,000. The inhabitants were told the signs of tsunami by the elderly peoples through ・/span>Smong(Tsunami) Song・ with the experience of the Tsunami occurred in 1907.


<Message to the next generation>

Disaster Education at schools is very important.

・/font>Learn about disaster risk and how to cope with disasters, and start from what you can do now to save lives. 
・/font>It will take many years to create disaster resilient society. 
・/font>So, start your continuous efforts from now until you grow up, then transfer your efforts to your next generation.              

Future Education On Natural Disaster

Sri Lanka / Nepal

Mr. Genta Nakano 

Student of Ritsumeikan University  
Representative of NDYS 2005 Students Committee



Mr. Koichi Shiwaku

Graduate School of Kyoto University
Committee member of NDYS


Presentation and Discussion
Presentation -1- (wmv/56MB)

 TrinidardTobago  Port of Spain
                                     El Dorado Comprehensive Secondary School


Presentation -2- (wmv/37MB)

  Russia Moscow National No.1129 School          

 Presentation -3- (wmv/56MB)

   Japan Kobe Municipal Fukiai High School


Mr. Ryoichi Uetani

Hyogo Prefectural Board of Education
Committee member of NDYS

Closing Remark 

Representative of NDYS 2005 Students Committee  Mr. Genta Nakano


*Supported by Hyogo Earthquake Memorial 21st Century Research Institute and The  Hyogo Prefectural people meeting under the theme "January 17 shall never be forgotten."

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