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NDYS is a Global Disaster Prevention Education Network
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JEARN is excited to announce a new interview series, "News" to deliver the real voices of iEARN teachers fromaround the world. Each article will introduce school systems of each country and region, daily efforts ofteachers and staff, and the development of students for global competence and citizenship.

Article series
Voices of iEARN Teachers Around the World

by JEARN (iEARN-Japan)

We opened the following webpage in public.
We start NDYS2023 from 1st of September 2022.

NDYS2022 in Niigata Digest

NDYS2022 in Niigata by JEARN

The 2022 Virtual Project Exhibition on May 19 showcased outstanding project work, collaboration, and outcomes of iEARN K-12 classrooms around the world!
As part of their participation in NDYS2021 project, Students from Indonesia(SMP Islam Al Alzhar 9 -Bekasi) gave oral presentations and conducted musical performances. 
If you weren't able to join us, but would like to view the inspiring presentations for yourselves, links to the video recordings on our YouTube channel.

The 2022 Virtual Project Exhibition

The 2022 Virtual Project Exhibition

NDYS has built a global disaster management education network utilizing Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Let us communicate with each other and contribute to the healthier and safer planet.
JEARN-NDYS committee updated the records of NDYS 2005-2021 activities so far. We would like to thank all of you for your cooperation and support.

JEARN (iEARN-Japan) Tubu-Center Students

If you go to Google Translate,You can get internaitonal collaborative learning data of NDYS2005-2021.

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