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"Natural Disasters" Earthquake, Volcanic Eruptions, Wildfires, Tornados,
Hurricanes, Floods, Droughts, Landslides - pose a severe threat to many parts of the world as well as here in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean region.
For us perenial problems including flooding, landslides, earthquakes,
tornados and wildfires which can result in sunstantial loss of property,
damage to crops, health problems, isolation of rural and at risk communities, disruption in traffic, loss of man hours and worst loss of lives.
The time for action is NOW
It is important to note that a fundarmental element of disaster management stratergies is the active inolvement of communities at risk and other stakeholders. We must recognize and accept our individual and collective responsibility  for the prudent management of our environment to assist the reduction of our level of vulnerability and the severity of impacts
associated with the occurences of natural disasters which has always beenand will continue to be interwoven with the history of mankind.

Abe Aug 31, 2005





NDYS 2006 officially starts today.
1st of September 2005.
Anyone who can join, please  join us

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Dear our American friends,
Hurricanes will come and go floods will be there
earthquakes happen and people die
but let us pray for the dignity of human being
to last forever.  Mariam Mokhtari (Iran)

          Sept.1, 2005

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Let's sing!
Dakar in the day of Saturday August 20, 2005. This water caused considerable property damages, retained the majority of theinhabitants as hostages on their premises. Salimata (Senegal)

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