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2016/9/7 Students and Teachers Gather for the Natural Disaster Youth Summit and Kotolympic, iEARN Taisho Koto Project in Niigata, Japan   
iEARN News & Events: Sep 6, 2016   Read More    


Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2016 in NIIGATA







NDYS2016 in Niigata  → Official web page   


Climate Change and 泥isaster Reduction , Mitigation, and Reconstruction" in our town

    ~Abnormal weather : Solve the problem by global collaboration!~


Wednesday 3 –Monday 8  August 2016


NPO JEARN   Natural Disaster Youth Summit Committee
Venue NSG College League Gakusei sogo Plaza STEP
Niigata cty Geijutu Bunka Kaikan Ryutoia Concert Hall

100 Participants from 10 Countries and Regions

Students and teachers from more than 10 countries and regions united together in Niigata to present their studies on Natural Disasters. 961 taisho koto lovers and audience members from Japan participated in the event as well.   see more


NDYS2016 Declararion

The hand book of NDYS2016 in Niigata



●2016/4/1 iEARN Projects Align to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

iEARN projects connect youth to change the world! See how iEARN projects align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to improve the quality of life on the planet.



Youth around the world are learning with each other through collaborative iEARN projects to make a difference in their local and global communities. Through collective learning and action, youth are making a difference through iEARN projects that meet the global Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all. Explore how iEARN projects meet the 17 Sustainable Development Goals with the SDG Alignment feature on the website:




2016/3/7 JEARN hosts "iEARN Workshop Tokyo 2016"



〜 Global Active Learning Experience
The film "Plastic into Oil", Peter showed us last summer, has reached to iEARN workshop Tokyo on March 29th as the main topic titled "GOMI on EARTH".
This is the great opportunity for us to show how it works in iEARN collaborative online forums and networks, in which, I believe, the best space for Global Active Learning.
JEARN hosts this workshop, and for the first time to have National Institute for Educational Policy and Research as co-host in Ministry of Education.

2015 iEARN Conference and Youth Summit in Brasilia, Brazil, July 26-31
iEARN-Brasil (Educadores Globais) will host the 2015 iEARN Conference and Youth Summit in Brasilia, Brazil, July 26-31, 2015 - all are invited to attend!  Read More >

JEARN NDYS team will make a oral presentation about '"Climate Change and Disaster Reduction" on July 30.


2015/7/25  iEARN Taisho-koto Project and Natural Disaster Youth Summit Project (NDYS) Workshop

  Toyota Kodomo Bosai Summit "NDYS2015 in TOYOTA"    

The iEARN Taisho-koto project and Natural Disaster Youth Summit Project (NDYS) team will host a one day workshop in Shenzhen, China on July 27th at the invitation of the Shenzhen Board of Education.  
Read More >


2015/3/26  WCDRR Conference Wrap up 

WCDRR Conference Wrap up 

March 15, 2015, the video of the Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2015 in Toyota has aired, along with the motto of ‘’Disaster Reduction Education links the World’ in the public forum, which is an associated event of the third "UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction 2015 Sendai Japan” ( ESD chief executive from UNESCO headquarters also participated as a panelist)",

Sendai Framework starts moving


2015/1/21 Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2015 meets in Toyota City, Japan

20th Commemoration of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
TOYOTA Kodomo Bosai Summit "Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2015 in TOYOTA "


From January 15-18, 2015, the Toyota Disaster Prevention Festa committee and Natural Disaster Youth Summit (NDYS) Committee hosted the "2015 Natural Disaster Youth Summit in TOYOTA" in Toyota City, Aichi, Japan.

Participants from eight countries gathered for the event.  As part of the Summit, participants made a school visit to a Junior High School in Toyota City, made oral presentations about their research, exhibited their Disaster Safety Maps, and discussed the contents of NDYS 2015 Declaration.

On January 17, students adopted the NDYS 2015 Declaration at Noh-gaku Do, which is a traditional Japanese style theater. read more>

Newsflash #334, January 20, 2015



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