Welcome to JEARN  10th anniversary of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake 
Natural Disater Youth Summit 2005

  Organization in the Natural Disaster Youth summit 2005  

Committee of the NDYS 2005


This executive committee was founded on May 29, 2004  in order to plan and manage
" Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2005 in hyogo" 

Its members consist of the related organ staffs, the intelligent, teachers joining this project, volunteers and so on. Main supportive organs are Hyogo Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture Association for International Communication and Exchanges, Hanshin.Awaji Great Earthquake Memorial Association, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Kinki District Branch, UNICEF Park Project Facilitater Group, Parks and Recreation Foundation, JEARN and iEARN.

This Committee  is the Japanese organization where providing supports to schools and teachers who need “overcome the difficulties so that children engage the world” with the help of local volunteers, based on international communications through ICT.

Advisory Committee Edwin Gragert iEARN-USA Executive Director
Chairman of the Executive Committee Kazuko Okamoto  iEARN Facilitator 
Executive Committee Hachiro Ozaki    Principal of Keimei Gakuin 
Special Advisory Committee  Hayao Kawai  Commissioner for Cultural Affairs
Executive Committee Yoshiaki Kawata    Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution
Executive Committee  Kenichiro Sasaki    UNICEF Park Project Office
Executive Committee Yoko Takagi   Director of JEARN, iEARN-Japan 
Country Coordinator
Advisory Committee     Masayoshi Takeda  Superintendent of Education in Hyogo
Assistant Chairman of the Executive Committee Yoshie Naya   iEARN Facilitator
Executive Committee Yutaka Nishida      Managing Director of Hyogo International Association
Executive Committee Osamu Niwa     Managing Director of Hyogo International Association
Advisory Committee Badaoui M Rouhban Director of the Disaster Reduction Section, UNESCO
Executive Committee Katsumasa Matsumoto   Office Manager of Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park 
Advisory Committee Fumitaka Mitsumori  Chairman of Hyogo e-School Consocium
Executive Committee Rajib Shaw  Assistant Professor of Kyoto University Graduate               School of Global Environmental Studies
Committee of Inspection Hiroshi Wasaki  Graduate School of Human Science andEnvironment



Kazuko Okamoto   Yoshie Naya     Rie Saito
coordinator coordinator teacher
JEARN Kawanishi Senior High School Takarazuka Ryogen. Keimei Senior High School. Kobe
Japan Japan Japan
kazuko@dd.iij4u.or.jp naya@lapis.plala.or.jp global@keimei.ed.jp
Masahiro Okuuchi  Motoko Hirota   Hiroko Fukuda
coordinator teacher teacher
Akashi Nonoike junior high school Nagoya Yanagi Elementary school  
Japan Japan Japan
okuuchi@palette.plala.or.jp motoko@cty-net.ne.jp fukudahiroko7@hotmail.com
Yoshiko Fukui Yoshiko Murakami  
coordinator coordinator  
Japan Japan  
fukuike@par.odn.ne.jp suko@jearn.jp  


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