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Yomiuri Newspapers                           Jan.8, 2006

Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2006 in Taiwan,Fukiai SHS students presented Global Disaster Safety Map through Video Conferencing


gNatural Disaster Youth Summit 2006 in Taiwanh was held in Kaohsung, Taiwan on January 7.  Students around the world gathered in this event to consider the measures against natural disasters.  At JICA Hyogo in Kobe, Japan, some SHS students joined    in the meeting and introduced their activities through Video Conferencing as well. 

This project has been administrated by JEARN Committee of the NDYS, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan and started since January 2005, which coincided with the tenth anniversary of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.  At the first NDSY, forums were held in different places in Hyogo Prefecture.

This is the second NDYS.  Ten countries and regions including Iran and Korea participated in the meeting.  At JICA Hyogo, 13 students (second year), Kobe Municipal Fukiai SHS international course, explained how they created Global Disaster Safety Map (2m2) with pictures; picked out dangerous places within a 500-meter radius from their school.

Mutsuko Ishihara (17) said, gIn the process of making a map, we also find useless fire extinguishers rusted in our school.  Besides, disaster-prevention measures differ among countries, so we would like to continue exchanging information with students in other countriesh  

                                                        Translated by Rieko Adachi (JEARN)

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