2. Taiwan
Kaohsiung Feng-hsi Junior High School


3. Trinidad and Tobago
El Dorado
Comprehensive Secondary, Port of Spain


4. Taiwan
National Fenghsin Senior High School, Kaohsiung 

1. Malaysia
Batu 4 National Secondary School

5. Iran
Allameh Jafari Technical school and Omran HS, Teheran



6. Japan
Yanagi Elementary School (Nagoya public school)

8. Japan
Kobe Municipal Fukiai 
High School


  Global Disaster Safety Map 2006 








"NDYS2006 in Taiwan"  

Second Conference of NDYS 2006 themed "Global Vision Future Hope for NDYS"  was held in Kaohsiung city in Taiwan from 6th to 8th of January 2006. There were more than 300 students and teachers get together from 6 countries and regions. They are Taiwan, Malaysia, Iran, Trinidad and Tobago, Japan and special guest from Korea.

We found the remarkable results from the Disaster Safety Maps and Oral presentations of NDYS participants. They are the importance of community and the relation between disaster reduction and environment.

"Disasters" and "Environment" were closely related, however, Disaster Reduction Education and Environment education were taught separately in the school education until now. The fact that teachers and students who participated in the project noticed this fact will lead to a new direction in education. Declaration  of NDYS2006 is here. 


7. Taiwan
Kaohsiung Senior High School
9. Japan
Okinawa Shogaku High School

10. Japan
Municipal Fukiai 
High School

11. Japan
Hyogo Prefectural Kawanishi Takarazuka Ryogen SHS

12. Taiwan
Shih-Chia Junior High School, Kaohsiung 

13. Taiwan

14. Taiwan
Kaohsiung Her Bin Elementary school

15. Malaysia
.S.SCHOOL, Perak

16. Iran
Kherad high school, Teheran

17. Malaysia
Pantai Remis National Secondary school, Perak Darul Ridzuan

18. Taiwan

19. Taiwan
Taipei Municipal Dali High School


20. Taiwan
Pint-Tung Girls’ High School,Kaohsiung 

21. Taiwan
Hsin Chya Elementary School, Kaohsiung 

22.  Taiwan
Municipal Kaohsiung Senior Vocational Industrial High School

23. Taiwan
Rueifeng Junior High School, Kaohsiung

24.  Taiwan
Shou-San Junior High School Kaohsiung Municipal

25. Taiwan

26. Taiwan
Kaohsiung Voc.High School


27.  Taiwan
Country San-Min Senior High School,Taipei

28.   Taiwan
Kaohsiung Vocational High School of Commerce

29.   Taiwan
Kaohsiung Municipal Hsiao Kang Senior High School (HKHS)


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