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Timetable/schedule for 2004-2005:

Step one:   Till September. 
Inviting students and teachers who want to learn about natural disasters to this project. 
Step two:   September 
Choose one or more topics and starts a project. 
Self introduction on forum.  
Step three:   October-December 
Each group makes a product according to the selected topics.  
Example of products:  
Booklet, Presentation material, Website.  
Step four:   January - March 
Discussion on the forum. 
Practice of presentation. 
Step five:   March 25-28 
Natural Disaster Youht Summit 2005. 
Presentation of children’s works 
Declaration of Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2005  

Sent: Sunday, February 06, 2005 11:16 PM
Subject: [NDYSglobal:1165] Phase four of NDYS

Dear Friends of NDYS,

Now it is already February.
And we are already in the Step Four of our project.

Step Four is described as follows:

Step four:   January - March
Discussion on the forum.
Practice of presentation. 

After the tsunami on 26th of December 2004,
we are seriously thinking what we can do for the people who suffered from it.

Now, I would like to hear the voices of children and students what we can do for the people who live in the tsunami affected areas, so that we can step forward our NDYS towards new stage. Since we are all one family on this planet Earth.

I would like to use forum 5 for this special topic.
Please post your message and your students' messages
and comments on forum 5,
so that we can collect all participating students ideas.
The collected ideas will be woven together as a declaration of NDYS.

As mariam's website says;

All men are members of the same body,
Created from one essence.
If fate brings suffering to one member,
The others cannot stay at rest.
You who remain indifferent
To the burden of pain of others,
Do not deserve to be called human.

Also we would like to collect paintings which you would like to show
at the conference on 28th on the stage.

We will show them as a power point presentation on a big screen
as a part of the declaration NDYS.

Paintings will make people understand what we would like to declare.
They will break through language barriers which divide people
from mutual understanding.
So we need paintings related to the declaration.

Those who already have paintings, can select one or two of your
paintings to introduce them on the big screen.

Let's work together for the better future and let's make a difference.
Let's create a meaningful Natural Disaster Youth Summit.

                                                                                                                              NDYS office



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