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Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2006 in Taiwan and Fukiai SHS students presented Global Disaster Safety Map through Video Conference

It started projecting to the large-sized screen where circumstances of the Taiwan summit place are constructed in the meeting place, announcement and question and answer etc entirely with English was advanced. Earthquake disaster memorial song “Brings HappinessE there was also one curtain which to the Taiwan summit place the pupil sings together delivers.  

Students of Malaysia (the Taiwan summit place) asked in Fukiai SHS students
 “Japanese government taken some kind of tidal wave measure E/font>


Report “of safety mapEof the Kobe municipal Fukiai high school

E/font>Brings HappinessEthe children who are sung


The NDYS 2006 in Taiwan was a great success!
Thank you truly.
We really enjoyed the conference. We really appreciate everyone 


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