Thanks for your warm messages from Niigata

Your messages and NDYS project

Sent: Friday, November 26, 2004 1:59 AM
Subject: [Jearn:3563] Your messages and NDYS project

Dear friends,

Today I visited "Disaster Reduction And Human Renovation Institution" in Kobe ( ) where Mr. Aoyama's (professional cameraman) photos taken in BAM titled "BAM after 8 months" have been displayed

Associated with those photos, there are some space for your messages to Niigata. Please look at them.

We thank you so much for all the messages from 47 countries, and 350 messages to Niigata, right now you can read 632 messages includingones from Japanese students. 

 You also read some thank you notes from Niigata people at :"Thanks for your warm messages from Niigata" provided by Kazuko, the leader of Natural Disaster Youth Summit (NDYS)project.


  One month has been passed after Niigata Earthquake and the recent newspapers report that still near 7000 people have been without their houses, near 1000 live in tents or cars when the snowy cold winter is coming.

As I replied to Fatemeh, Iran, our mother earth is alive.
We cannot stop her natural activities. Not only Niigata, our grounds are always affected by her motions forever.
All we can do is to help ourselves,
to help our neighbors, and to help any person who needs, even how far they may live.
It may require all our energy and wisdom to sustain human lives on her.
How can we loose extra power of ours to kill or hate each other with our own created reasons.

Please look at one iEARN project "Natural Disaster Youth Summit"
and find how children of many countries working together to the goal of this project and how teachers and leaders collaborate behind them.
Please visit those pages of "schools", "photo", "material" and more.

Today I attended its 2nd executive committee having Hyogo pref.government reps, Kinki Division of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation, UNICEF Park Project leaders, with its steering committee led by Kazuko and Naya-san, discussing programs, home stays, fund, donation, volunteers,time schedule, and many mores.

I think this types of iEARN projects are  what both grown-ups and children really need to learn and practice, and never to learn the way to  brow up themselves and other bodies.
Thank you for concerns and prayers.   yoko ,iEARN Japan


Let us introduce messages broadcasted on NHK on 11/6-7.

I can't go to other cities or towns yet.
an elementary school student in Ojiya city

To all people sending messages , I would like to say Thank YOU.
I could never imagine that you support us so deeply like this time.
Tears came out with the joy. Earthquakes really scared  us but I think we had a good experience.   
a girl ( teenager ) in Ojiya city



Kazuko Okamoto, NDYS  Project  Leader, Japan


Your messages are on NHK TV special program on Niigata earthquake!
Sent: Sunday, November 07, 2004 1:56 PM
Subject: Niigata News

Dear friends,

I would like to share this news with you:
your messages are on broadcasting NHK TV program !

Japan National Broadcasting Station NHK has been featured  a special program on Niigata Earthquake.

It is NHK 24 hours long champagne started from 19:30 last night Saturday,and still going on till 20:00 tonight Sunday, entitled "The Voices from the sufferers. The things we can do now".

Guided by Kazuko the Natural Disaster Youth Summit Project leader, JEARN informed NHK all of your messages; "iEARN messages from all over the world".

The whole 24 hours has a  series of subtitled program and this early morning around 5 am is for "Messages from the world"session.  Kazuko and other JEARN members watched TV and there it was "iEARN messages "!!  Excitedly reported Kazuko !!

Other JEARN member, Mr. Nishio, an elementary school teacher says:NHK announcers gave us the comments after JEARN message to NHK such as:"I  can feel people all around the world keep warm eyes on the sufferers", or "They are surely on social bond with Niigata sufferers. We would like to transfer their hearts to ........"

You can watch the recent people and buildings in those areas at:"Earthquake diary of Niigata" in thank you note from  Yoshitani Elementary School teachers.

We feel better looking at smiles on children' faces, but they are still under the continuous aftershocks around M4,  and 11 times a day yesterday, the morning newspaper reported us today.

Those numbers who evacuated has been decreased from 100.000 to 40.000, and the places to keep them also decreased from 600 to 234.

The local government is shifting  their support from the first rescue stage to the second long team stage: to build temporary houses and day care with voluntary supporters in order to prevent especially old victims from their lonely  death, which was learned from Kobe earthquake about 10 years ago.

These are the recent news about  Niigata.
I would like to keep informing you to share Niigata as JEARN, iEARN-Japan Center, believing you, iEARN teachers will tell your children what is natural disasters like and how children could share the hard time, help each other in the way they can do.
Your reaction helps Japanese children open their eyes to outside Japan and learn how to be one of you in return.

Again we are glad to be in iEARN family and have this sharing place with you.              
with love and appreciation,   

Yoko ,iEARN Japan


Sent: Saturday, November 06, 2004 11:45 AM
Subject: Re: Messages from children

Dear friends,

Thank you very much. When it settles, you reply securely distantly. 
We persevere and increase!!

Please look at the following.

Earthquake diary of Niigata


Yoshitani Elementary School teachers


Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 2004 3:43 AM
Subject: [EarthquakeYSG:412] Re: Messages from children

Dear friends,

The following is the first thank you note from
 one of the elementary schools in Niigata which received
your warm messages.
Thank you very much for your messages to us suffered from continuous earthquakes.
Right now all of our school faculties and teachers are trying to do our best to start the school again.
In Ojiya City, all the citizens are working together to recover our city. 

from Ojiya Elementary School teachers


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