Welcome to JEARN  10th anniversary of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake 
Natural Disater Youth Summit 2005


 Hopes for revival prevail in earth

Painting Exhibition and TV Conference~  

Date:January 18 ( Tue ), 2005  

Place: Awaji Yume Butai International Conference Center  

Our forum was held as an intermediate presentation of 'Bosai Sekai Kodomo Kaigi 2005 in Hyogo' which will be held in March 2005.   Its official English name is 'Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2005 in Hyogo.'  The purpose of this forum was to discuss 'the importance of
human lives' with children around the world beyond the differences of country, language and religion.

The conference was broadcasted globally by the Internet live streaming. We also had a teleconference with Iran, Armenia and Taiwan by connecting the conference site and those three countries.
Painting exhibition was held with the title of 'Think about the earthquake through children's pictures at Yumebutai at the same time.
Those paintings are painted by the children whose countries were suffered from natural disasters.

Human has to live with the dangerous situation occurred by nature. We can prepare and decrease the damage from natural disasters.
JEARN supported children in Bam, Iran soon after the earthquake by utilizing the Internet.
We can support them though the experience of Hanshin Awaji Great Earthquake.
Children in Bam are now recovering little by little. The reports from Iran tell us that the ICT created a miracle from the ashes of Bam.

We are still continuing the project as the Natural Disaster Reduction Education in the Information Age, by connecting the classes and children online globally.

Program Time  Activity / program proposal    

Part 1   Commemorative Tree Planting 
 "Kawazu" cherry trees at "Haru Ichiban no Oka", with the hope for growing as the reminder of the Great Hanshin- Awaji Earthquake



Part 2  Geetings:  Video Letter
 Dr. Badaoui Rouhban  (Chief, Section for Disaster Reduction, UNESCO, Paris) 


Dr. Badaoui Rouhban

The United Nations World Conference on Disaster Reduction

at  Portopia Hotel, KOBE


Chief, the Executive Committee 

Kazuko Okamoto (left)

Yoshie Naya (right)


Part II   Program 1
Keynote speech   "Disaster Relief of the Information Age"
(Bam Paint Shop Project)

Ms. Mojgan Momeni (Representative of iEARN-Iran)


Bam with its extensive palm groves and citrus  gardens, used to be a city full of life.

At 5:26 AM on December 26,2003, an earthquake with magnitude of 6.5 on the Richter scale destroyed the city of Bam.

- The city is  almost  destroyed

- About 40,000 people are killed

- 30,000 injured 

- Up to 75,000 left homeless

- 10,000 students left without school


-Temporary  housing, field hospitals were  provided

-Students were called to register and start school in pre-fabricated class rooms

-National and international governmental and nongovernmental organizations (NGO) started the relief work

-SAF considered the above idea and-

- Prepared a proposal to establish a paint shop in  Bam

-The idea of the paint shop was published on the web site

- Donations started to pour from Japan, Canada and Taiwan


The children largely welcomed the Paint Shop program

--They were heart warmed by the world’s kind support

-- The black and white picture of life in Bam gradually absorbed color by the joy of life again


-The miracle of ICT and Internet emerges out of the ashes in Bam

-iEARN helps to expand peace and friendship

-Global Village comes to the  rescue of tsunami victims

Part II  Program 4:    Videoconference              
The "Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2005" project interim report  

  Booklet for Intermediate announcement (Japanese)

 Brief Report of your activities 050205


Hyogo prefectural Maiko Senior High School in Hyogo

 Keimei Junior/ Senior High School in Hyogo

 National Fenghsin Senior High School in Taiwan

Project harmony in Armenia

Akashi-Municipal Nonoike Junior High School in Hyogo

Kobe Municipal Fukiai Senior High School in Hyogo

Nagoya Municipal Yanagi Elementary School in Aichi

Program 5:Comments
Rajib Shaw
Associate Professor
Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies Kyoto University


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