10th anniversary of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake 
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Natural Disater Youth Summit 2005

10th Earthquake Memorial 

This is the Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2005 in association with the UN Disaster Prevention Conference

 Hopes for revival prevail on earth

    Painting , Photo Exhibition and TV Conference


 In September 2004, we started the project for Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2005 .
This youth summit will be held from 25th to 28th of March, 2005 in Hyogo, Japan.
On January 18th, as an intermediate presentation of their own project, children will have a video conference globally through the Internet at Awaji Yume Butai International Conference Center.
At the same time, there is an exhibition of pictures drawn by the children in Bam, Iran, photos showing the life in Bam and the messages to people suffering Niigata Chuetsu earthquake from all over the world.


 Date :    January 18 ( Tue ), 2005  

Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park, Awaji Area

Awaji Yume Butai 
International Conference Center

Place ・Awaji Yume Butai 
International Conference Center
main hall 

URL is here

Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park,
Awaji Area

URL is here

E-mail 20050117@jearn.jp
Size 200 students from Japan  

Program Time
Activity / program proposal

Preparation and Rehearsal at Yume butai Conference Hall Main Hall
Pictures Exhibition and Photo Exhibition
Yume butai Conference Hall  corridor

Part I   At National Akashi Kaikyo Park in Awaji

Part I   At National Akashi Kaikyo Park in Awaji
12:30-13:30 Commemorative Tree Planting "Haru ichiban no oka"
Part II  At Yume-butai Conference Hall Main Hall
13:30-13:50 Silent moment.

Greetings:  Student representative of project participating schools
Greetings:  Ms. Kazuko  Okamoto
 (Chief, The executive committee of NDYS)
Geetings:   Dr. Badaoui Rouhban
 (Chief, Section for Disaster Reduction, UNESCO, Paris)
Greetings:  Mr. Ryo Aoyama (photographer), Mr. Keizo Oku (writer)


Program 1: 

Keynote speech   "Disaster Relief of the Information Age"
Ms. Mojgan Momeni (Representative of iEARN-Iran)


PROG2        Program 2:     

The Iran great earthquake support program
"Miswritten postcard project"       Reporter:    Ms. Satoko Unaki
 ( Teacher of Koro Minami elementary school in Hyogo)
Activities of  Koro Minami elementary school PTA


PROG2        Program 3:    

                         Videoconference   "Video conference with Bam in Iran."


Program 4:  Videoconference

The "Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2005" project interim report
1. National Fenghsin Senior High School in Taiwan
2. Project harmony in Armenia
3. Keimei Junior/ Senior High School in Hyogo
4. Kobe Municipal Fukiai Senior High School in Hyogo
5. Nagoya Municipal Yanagi Elementary School in Aichi
6. Akashi-Municipal Nonoike Junior High School in Hyogo
7. Hyogo prefectural Maiko Senior High School in Hyogo


Program 5:

Comments: Rajib Shaw
Associate Professor Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies
Kyoto University (Former United Nations employee)


Closing message:   Student representative of Project participating schools


  These events are accepted as the symposium (receipt number 10032) of the
  United Nations World Conference on Disaster Reduction
  and a Hanshin Earthquake 10th anniversary commemorative Project (receipt
  number   No. 1021).

  200 Participants are expected
  Admission Free

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