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Global Disaster Safety Map 2008 

iEARN Trinidad and Tobago

 iEARN Countries


Disaster Safety Maps
by Trinidad &Tobago, A
rgentina, Turkiye, Suriname, Peru, Sweden
Taiwan and Japan



    "NDYS2008 in Trinidad and Tobago" ( by UNICEF)


The NDYS2008 conference themed " Climate Change and Disasters Reduction" was organized by iEARN TntT.  The Summit attended 300 children and adults at the Chaguaramas Convention Centre from April 28-29-30, 2008.

Students from local schools, as well as Argentina, Turkiye, Suriname, Sweden and Japan, presented findings from their research on global warming, climate change and coastal erosion, as well recommendations for how to reduce the impact of natural disasters.

Each school exhibited its Disaster Safety Map. Argentina, Turkiye, Suriname, Sweden ,Taiwan and Japan Participants presentated the result of Disaster Learning. 

At the Summit the youth cited a Declaration: Made Formed by Mayor of Port of Spain. Declaration  of NDYS2008 is here. 










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