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2. Trinidad and Tobago
El Dorado Comprehensive Secondary, Port of Spain


        3. Iran
        Kherad high school 
        Saba high school, 


4. Indonesia
  SMA Labschool Jakarta
 5. Iran 
Elementary School,Teheran

1. Japan
Hyogo Prefectural Kawanishi Takarazuka Ryogen SIS

6. Taiwan
Kaohsiung Municipal  Industrial School


8. Nepal
Nobel Academy H.S,

Global Disaster Safety Map 2007 





        "NDYS2007in Aichi "

Third gathering of NDYS 2007 was held in Aichi, Japan  from 3rd to 5th of May 2007. There were 350 students and teachers get together from 9 countries and regions. They were  67 participants  from Indonesia, Iran,  Nepal, Russia,  Slovakia, Taiwan, Turkey, USA and Japan. The theme of NDYS2007 was "Natural Disasters and Environment ,  What we can do as YOUTH to create the disaster reduced society".

Each school exhibited its Disaster Safety Map on the Auditorium of Aichi prefecture Mihama boy natural house. Students made presentations and had discussions. 

We connected Turkey , Taiwan , Iran and Trinidad and Tobago  which are going to be held for the next conference through Video-Conferencing and had discussions .   more


7. Russia
National No.1129 School, Moscow

9. Slovakia
SOU-hutnicke, 蛎ca, 040 15 Ko喨ce


10. Taiwan
Kaohsiung Min-chyuan Elementary School

11. Japan
Yanagi Elementary School, Aichi

12. Japan
Kobe Municipal Fukiai High School

13. Argentine
IPPI Institute, Buenos Aires

14. Canada
W.H.Day Elementary Schooll,



15. Taiwan
National Fenghsin Senior High School

16. Nepal
Nobel Academy H.S

17. Slovakia
SOU-hutnicke, 蛎ca, 040 15 Ko喨ce

18. Iran
Allameh Jafari Technical school and Omran HS, Teheran
19. Canada
W.H.Day Elementary School



20. Taiwan


21. Indonesia
SMA Labschool Jakarta

22.  Russia
National No.1129 School, Moscow

23. Nepal
Nobel Academy H.S,

24.  Canada
W.H.Day Elementary School,


3-5, 2007
Aichi prefecture Mihama boy natural house

NDYS2007in Aichi


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