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  Natural Disaster Youth Summit

NDYS2005   Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2005 in Hyogo in Japan on 25-28th of March.
Many issues of disaster prevention now need to be considered at a global level. We offer programmes to develop global citizens who want a sustainable future.This is a project in which children will learn the preciousness of human lives and how to reduce disaster impacts such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wildfires, floods, hurricanes, landslides, tsunamis, droughts and so on through the communication and collaboration with global friends.

NDYS was first organized in Hyogo in May 2004 and started from September 2004, commemorating 10th year of great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake, Japan in 1995. We learned the importance of human lives and preparedness for disasters.

In recent years, it has been pointed out that extreme abnormal weather caused by climate change may be linked to an increase in large-scale natural disasters. Natural disasters such as heavy rain, floods and wildfires are increasing in many parts of the world, and they become major obstacles not only to people's lives, but also sustainable development. To take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts is an urgent global issue. 

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Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2024

Theme: Climate Change and Disaster Reduction , Mitigation, and Reconstruction

~ Abnormal weather : Solve the problem by global collaboration and Save our lives! ~

By experiencing various disasters, different knowledge and information to reduce their impact are accumulated in local communities. By sharing this knowledge and information, we can prepare against future disasters and take actions to combat climate change and its impacts. Let us maintain continuous efforts and transfer these efforts to the next generation. Our ultimate goal is to enhance awareness of the impact of natural disasters on families, schools and local communities around the world through young people's actions. NDYS will build a global disaster management education network utilizing Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Let us communicate with each other and contribute to the healthier and safer planet.
As the final event of the NDYS2023-2024, we would like to have NDYS presentation day.

NDYS has three Programs. You can select one or more programs which fit to your school curriculum.
1. "Global Disaster Safety Map” program

      Let's create global disaster safety map!
Students will create a Disaster Safety Map of their school’s surrounding areas or your neighborhood. Students will do research on the environment near their school and put this information in the map, including where is safe, where is dangerous and places they love and are proud of. 

Add your ideas of how to help disabled people too.  Send the photo of completed disaster safety map to ndys@jearn.jp.
You may put your map on the
Gallery of iEARN Collaboration Center, too. Students will have discussion
on the zoom meeting.

The first Disaster Safety Map Exhibition at Kaohsiung city in Taiwan (NDYS2006 in Taiwan)  

"NDYS2015 in Toyota"
Orientation & Disaster Safety Map Making


2.“NDYS Teddy Bear Exchange and Kid’s Safety Bag” program
As a subsidiary program, the NDYS Teddy Bears (NDYS Little Ambassadors) will be exchanged between partner schools to strengthen the friendly bond at the NDYS conference. Each School can make Kid’s Safety Bag (Emergency bag), too. 

 3. "Healing Power of Music from Trauma after Disaster" program

As you may know natural disasters leave behind long-lasting and severe trauma. Music can have a beneficial effort in helping people recover from Natural Disaster.  It will be wonderful, if we can share such music. As we believe the healing power of music, NDYS has decided to collaborate with iEARN Taisho-koto project from 2015. We would like you to introduce the music of your country which heals people’s hearts and makes people happy and alive. It will be ideal if you can send us your video or upload it onto YouTube. We will practice and play music through videoconference once a month.

Music performance: SMP Islam Al Azhar 44 - Bekasi, Indonesia (NDYS2022)

the Video of NDYS Introduction
Communication saves lives! " What we can do"

                  Media(Video, Report, School Web & Blog etc)

English, Japanese     

Student Age Levels    5-11 (Primary), 12-14 (Middle), 15-18 (Secondary)  

Dates   Sept 1 2023- Sept 1 2024   
Curriculum area  
 Integrated studies, Science, Art, English, Social studies, Risk Management 

Expected outcomes 

Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2024 Declaration 

Local Disaster Safety Maps and  Global Disaster Safety Map

Music performance "Healing Power of Music from Trauma after Disaster

Kid’s safety Bag 

Websites created by NDYS students, PowerPoint presentations, booklets, websites in different languages, and a big friendly family of teachers and students.


Yoshie Naya, Japan 

Motoko Hirota, Japan

Pavle Tvaliashvili, Georgia

Wizar Putri Mellaratna, Indonesia

Kazuko Okamoto, Japan