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"NDYS Teddy Bear Exchange and Kid’s Safety Bag" program

Let's make a Kid’s Safety Bag!



NDYS Teddy Bears (NDYS Little Ambassadors) will be exchanged among partner schools to strengthen the friendly bond. 

Through this project, we expect students to grow as NDYS Ambassadors who share their knowledge of disaster management and tell people the importance of preparedness for the future risk. 

Thus, the contents of what students learned at the youth summit will be disseminated to the local community where students live. Their schools will be the center of community education for disaster management. We also expect teachers and civic volunteers to support students' with learning and activities.


Age/level of project participants:  All
Circumstances of practice 

  Cat Ambassador and Kids' Disaster Safety Bag
 Omran elementary, middle and high school, Iran (NDYS2006)

Making Kids' Disaster Safety Bag 
IErshad Pictures high school, Iran (NDYS2006)

Question to Environment and Disaster Mitigation Course students in Maiko HS, Hyogo, Japan 
This course is the only one in Japan.
Yanagi Elementary School , Aichi, Japan

Cat Ambassador is visiting from Iran
瑞豐國中, Taiwan (NDYS2006)

Dragon Ambassador is visiting from Taiwan 
Allameh Jafari technical school , Iran (NDYS2006)

Exchanged  with 7 countries and 11 schools
Yanagi Elementary School, Japan (NDYS2006)

   ■ NDYS Conference 

NDYS2009 in Taiwan

NDYS2006 in Taiwan

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NDYS2005 in Hyogo


Introduction of exchange school


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