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NDYS Programs : SDGs linked to activities

This program aims to. How can we make our cities and the places where people live safe and resilient to disasters?
sustainable places?

How do we prepare for increasingly diverse and frequent disasters and how do we address climate change?

The programme aims to contribute to the realisation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Reduction and the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

SDGs linked to activities

SDGs Goal 3
 No one is left behind in disaster prevention!
 Well-being (diverse happiness)
Music can be a useful tool in times of disaster, as it is important to care for the mental wellbeing of disaster victims. We believe in the healing power of music through the Taisho Koto Project.

SDGs Goal 11
Let's think about how we can make our community safer, more secure, and more resilient to disasters!

SDGs Goal 13

Reducing the Risks of Climate Change
Let's start with what we can do!
As weather disasters continue to increase, we must first check our "preparedness"!

NDYS is committed to contributing to a sustainable and disaster resilient international society, NDYS promotes international collaborative learning through the following three main programs.

In addition to these programs, NDYS is preparing opportunities to present the results of its original activities.The positive activities of youth from around the world will help raise disaster awareness among the many people living there.