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CoSMOS (Collaborative Safety Maps on Open System)

Let's create 'Global Disaster Safety Map'!

We are happy to introduce the new interactive tool for collaboration to you. 

The name of the system is CoSMOS (Collaborative Safety Maps on Open System).

We  are working on  disaster reduction education using Disaster Safety Map and cross_cultural communication.

To see it, please visit the CoSMOS site:

CoSMOS (Collaborative Safety Maps on Open System)


                   about CoSMOS (pdf/2.6MB)



 With CosMOS, you can find disaster safety maps around the world in five languages. They are Japanese, English, Turkish, French and Chinese. 


You can add your comments on the map in CosMOS.When you add comments you need ID and PW: please contact with "NDYS office" <>, Your disaster safety map will be put on it, so please send us a high quality photo of your disaster safety map.


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