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iEARN-NDYS in Action!
To the Children in Pakistan
They  have been thinking since there was an earthquake in Pakistan.
" What can we do for you, our friends ?"
"Swimmy "  I'll be the eye! 
Ochidani Elementary School in Hyogo, Japan                                                                   Nov. 5, 2005 


Poems  iEARN-NDYS Teheran, Iran


Peanut bear fund-raising                                                      March 28, 2005

You thought of that we can make the children who encounter to damage with disaster. "The prevention of disasters worldwide child meeting 2005in hail" of March opening with, only Nagoya municipal willow elementary school fund-raising activity is done (the right photograph) these circumstances were published to also the "Asahi child newspaper".



Acorn fund-raising                                                                        March 28, 2005    

"It will do in the world all the way with green! "
Ahead interchanging (sending the nursery stock) to the countries which such as Indonesia have disaster & Slovakia, it increases green even at one, in the world fund-raising activity in order to do all the way with green, it is advancing "acorn fund-raising".





Bam Children    

                                                     Sept. 29, 2004 

On December 26th , 2003 , megaseism of magnitude 6.3 occurs with the Iranian bam.  4 ten thousand people who hit to 1/3 of population die. As for earthquake disaster orphan 2500. You remember 1 17 Osaka and Kobe Awazi large earthquake disaster.

"Teddy bear project" with "you asked and with JEARN which connection" "2003 iEARN international conference in JAPAN" and so on deepens the interchange Iranian teachers and with the children, immediately after the earthquake occurring as for something being able to make for the Iranian companion whether it is not, when, using the network and ICT, support activity rose the happening.

                                                               the Bam paint shop students 

See the website (Japanese)


Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of the Kobe Earthquake in Japan
United Nations Public forum on Disaster Reduction

                                                                                                                    January 18, 2005

To commemorate the anniversary of the great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake in Japan on January 17, 1995, which destroyed the city of Kobe along with a vast surrounding area, the United Nations, the Hyogo board of education and the office of jEARN held a conference on January 18th, 2005 at Yume Butai Conference Center on Awaji island, Kobe.

We  invited  Ms. Mojgan Momeni as the Bam paint shop coordinator and the representative of the Science and Arts Foundation to deliver the key note speech with the title of Disaster Relief in the Information Age.  An exhibition of Bam childrenç—´ artworks along with a number of photographs of life after the earthquake in Bam were displayed in the conference hall. 


          Koro Minami primary school  students in Hyogo   presented a beautiful tapestry to the children in Bam

A video-conference with the Bam paint shop students was organized and they extended their greetings and gratitude to the Japanese school children who supported them by helping to set up the paint shop. 


       See more...(iEARN-Iran Bam news)



Voice of children of the world to Niigata Nakagoe   

Nov 11, 2004

In Niigata Nakagoe district many children and there is a circumstance whose the people are painful depending upon big earthquake. Without forgetting your own thing from the distance, you cannot forget that using voice in the person who experiences the Osaka and Kobe large earthquake disaster. We would like to utilize this.




Your Voice to the world

                                                                 Feb. 4, 2004


  Love for children is universal. Through the Internet , JEARN provides the opportunity to share information and personal stories that can help Iranian children cope with what has happened to them and their families. Please feel that the world is close to you by sending a message across borders and giving them the courage to overcome the hardship they face.   See the website 

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