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Message from the Chairperson of the NDYS committee
In recognition of the enlightening initiative by the 哲atural Disaster Youth Summit 2005 in Hyogo・ which was proved successful with children痴 positive participation, the 2nd NDYS conference was held in Taiwan in 2006 to advance the move.

The first such conference was organized in Hyogo on May, 2004 in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Hanshin-Awaji earthquake disaster (it occurred on January 17,1995 in the southern part of Hyogo). It was intended to promote the awareness of the devastation and to impress the importance of saving lives in the minds of young children sharing their experiences gained from the similar perennial natural disasters in recent years to pass them on to generation to generation.

Kazuko Okamoto
Founding Chairperson of
the NDYS committee

The third world痴 NDYS conference with children from all over the world is being planned for May 2007 in Aichi, Japan that is the region where the so named 乃okai Earthquake・or some sort of huge scale disaster is forecasted to occur at any moment in the near future. 

In preparation for the conference, school children of the region are now in the process of creating 泥isaster Safety Map・ using internet communication, through which they are to learn and to think over what they can do to alleviate the effects of unavoidable natural disasters if and when they occur. Thus it is our hope that they may be able to make some contribution in future to improve the vulnerability of their society under such situation. 

Natural calamities once occurred tend to be multiplied by the hidden weakness in our living environment including global warming climate causing inevitable damages greater upon us.  We wish that the conference facilitates to create a kind of synergy among participants to initiate some creative activities to be better prepared against such perennial problems. 

This conference is designed to encourage and to motivate people of the world, wherever they may live or whatever disaster they may be encountered, to improve their preparedness against such natural calamities specific to each region by way of having common shared concern shown on the 哲atural Disaster Map・/span>

We hope, the conference provides an opportunity to extend the network of international communication or dialogue on disaster education, empowering those who are actively involved in the education on alleviating natural disaster which leads us to create sustainable society as well. 

In closing I would like to emphasize that this project is intended particularly for children to learn disaster management through ICT (Internet Communication Technology) cross cultural communication and that therefore requires lots of supports from various sectors of society including those of governmental administration branch offices, institutions, industry, academia and variety of specialist professional expertise.

We appreciate very much the every possible support and contribution from you, the all concerned.

Thank you.

February 3, 2007

KOBE, Japan




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