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Jan- April, 2006 
April 25, 2006  Commemorative cherry  trees bloom

  Commemorative Tree Planting of "Kawazu" cherry trees at "Haru Ichiban no Oka",with the hope for growing as the reminder of the Great Hanshin- Awaji Earthquake
Hyogo, Japan


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April 17, 2006    We participated in the YouthCaN through video conference on April 10, 2006  

The connection was perfect. We had a
 wonderful time with children in New York.
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April 16, 2006 Global Disaster Safety Map 2006updated!

April 15, 2006      "NDYS 2006 in Taiwan" -Report 2-

JICA Hyogo, KOBE, Japan 2006/01/07

.Report of Kobe Fukiai SHS 


April 12, 2006    ARMENIA- Participation in “Natural Disasters Youth Summit (NDYS)” project

    ARMENIA- Report 


April 11, 2006     "NDYS 2006 in Taiwan"   -Report 1-
“Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2006 in Taiwan” was held in Kaohsung, Taiwan on January 6-8.  Students around the world gathered in this event to consider the measures against natural disasters.  Each school exhibited its Disaster Safety Map on the corridor of National Science and Technology Museum. Students made presentations and had discussions. We linked Kobe as a satellite venue and had a video conference. In Kobe, about 100 people get together to share their information.

National Science and Technology Museum, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Satellite Venue:  JICA Hyogo, KOBE, Japan


  Video Conference

Jan. 13, 2006    Mr. Abe Fergusson visits the Prime Minister  of Trinidad and Tobago

The World Water Forum is an initiative of the World Water Council that has the aim of raising the awareness on water issues all over the world.

Mr. Abe Fergusson was invited  to this Council on March 16th-22nd in Mexico. 

After, He reported to the Prime Minister  of Trinidad and Tobago about this council and NDYS Taiwan, 2006.

The 4th World Water Forum 


Jan. 13, 2006     NDYS Ambassadors visited the Cabinet prefecture prevention of disasters minister of state room.

NDYS Ambassadors ( Yanagi elementary school 5 grade , Nagoya, Japan)  and Abe Fergusson visited the Cabinet prefecture prevention of disasters minister of state room in Kasumigaseki, Tokyo.

They read the declarative statement of NDYS 2006
in Taiwan and reported the Taiwan Conference. 

Jan. 12, 2006    Abe Fergusson, a representative from Trinidad and Tobago ( NDYS Ambassador ), visited Hyogo Pre.

Mr. Abe Fergusson, who participated in NDYS in Taiwan as a representative from Trinidad and Tobago, stopped in Hyogo on his way back from Taiwan and visited the Hyogo Disaster Prevention Chief at Hyogo's Disaster Prevention Center on Thursday, January 12.

He submitted a " Thank-you- message" for the support of NDYS, from the Environment Ministory of Trinidad and Tobago, a report, and a declaration of NDYS held in Taiwan to the Hyogo governor.

After that, he visited Hyogo Prefecture's Board of Education to thank Mr. Ryoichi Uetani, who helped technical support for the video conference in Taiwan. Mr.Abe Fergusson said, " Mr. Uetani looked like a god" on his homepage.

*Mr. Abe Fergusson, a youth representative from Trinidad and Tobago visits.

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Jan. 12, 2006   Mr. Abe Fergusson visits Kobe Municipal Fukiai SHS

He visits Fukiai SHS In the afternoon, 1 years 1 set (international course) participating in English class, 

He spoke “former experience talks concerning the thing and prevention of disasters of the country”. 


Jan. 10-11, 2006   Mr. Abe Fergusson, a youth representative from Trinidad and Tobago visits Yanagi Elementary school Aichi, Japan


He  visits  Yanagi Elementary school . 

His country is the island of the size about of the same as Chiba prefecture. 

He spoke the suffering experience of the hurricane which last year receives damage. 

Jan. 8, 2006   The NDYS 2006 in Taiwan was a great success!
We really enjoyed the conference. We really appreciate Taiwanese members effort.


  NDYS 2006 Declaration on Jan.7, 2006 in Taiwan



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