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Aug, 2004 - June, 2005  
2005/6/4  NDYS 2005 in Hyogo Report  Workshop  

We were able to discuss some important issues concerning to NDYS. Anyway, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for today's meeting.

Dates: June 4, 2005

Venue: JICA Hyogo, Japan



2005/5/29  NDYS 2005 in Hyogo  Photo Exhibition  

Dates: May29-June 4,  2005

Venue: JICA Hyogo, Japan

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March 25 March 28  2005  10th Earthquake Memorial 
" Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2005 in Hyogo  

 ~Think about the importance of human life  
First gathering of NDYS 2005 was held in Hyogo Japan. There were more than 450 students and teachers get together from 12 countries. They are Argentina, Armenia, Egypt, Iran, Indonesia, Nepal, Russia, Senegal, Slovakia, Taiwan, USA and Japan. On the final day, They announced the summit declaration, which stresses the importance of "Try to feel, try to learn, try to share. We just the start of an exchange that will continue even after their return home.       Read more

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January 18 , 2005    10th  KOBE Earthquake Memorial 

◆Commemorative Tree Planting of "Kawazu" cherry trees



We commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake this year, and had Painting Exhibitions and TV Conference of NDSY(Natural Disaster Youth Summit). Before that conference, we planted 21 "Kawadu" cherry trees as mouring for the victims of the Earthquake at adjoining "Haru Ichiban no Oka" in  Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park..


The United Nations World Conference on Disaster Reduction  -Public Forum-

      Hopes for revival prevail in earth 

    ~ Painting Exhibition and TV Conference


Our forum was held as an intermediate presentation of ''Natural Disaster Youth Summit 2005 in Hyogo.'  The purpose of this forum was to discuss 'the importance of
human lives' with children around the world beyond the differences of country, language and religion.

The conference was broadcasted globally by the Internet live streaming. We also had a teleconference with Iran, Armenia and Taiwan by connecting the conference site and those three countries.
Painting exhibition was held with the title of 'Think about the earthquake through children's pictures at Yumebutai at the same time.
Those paintings are painted by the children whose countries were suffered from natural disasters.

Place: International Conference: Awaji Yume Butai International Conference Center




Dec 2nd,  2004    Connecting with 11 points, 6 countries , Argentina, Russia, USA, Iran, TaiwanJapan


Directing to the January United Nations Public forum on Disaster Reduction and the international conference of March, they were the contents whose previous arrangement between the teacher of step 3 of project is main

Video Conference



Dec 2nd 2004    Report of Your Message to the people in Niigata


Through JEARN, the encouragement message which
 exceeds 350 from worldwide 48 countries was moved 
aside, with support of the volunteer was translated 
in Japanese, was delivered to the school of suffering area. 
We appreciate deeply to everyone who receives 

   Your warm messages from Niigata  


A Report about Bam 8 months after the earthquake

"MESSAGES FROM BAM" in Osaka and Kobe, which took place during February and March 2004. This summer, in August, they visited Bam for the third time and held an exhibition entitled "MESSAGES FOR BAM FROM JAPAN" in Tehran, the Iranian capital city. At the same time, they took photos to show
how the people and their city were getting on.            here


Oct. 24, 2004   about the Logo of NDYS2005 in Hyogo



Logo by Mr. Graham Clarke (English Painter)

Message To the Participants

Newspaper article



Oct. 22, 2004     NDYS Video Conference among Taiwan, Iran and Japan


We would like to them to write down some reflection about VC later today.We hope we can send our report later about earthquake.   from Nonoike JHS, Akashi City, Hyogo

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Sept 1, 2004    NDYS 2005 officially starts today!  1st of September 2004.


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Aug. 31,2004    NDYS2005  Pre event

NDYS started from the video conference which connects the Egypt Youth Summit and the Hyogo prefecture education training institute.



Aug. 24, 2004    NDYS Website starts! 


NDYS2005 Theme
”Think about the importance of human life! ”

Logo design by Miss Maryam Behnoodi, Iran.

2003iEARN International Conference " Dream Festival for teachers and students from the world" was successfully closed. She is one of the participants in this conference.

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